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this page explains the different services offered by medium courtney dawson

Ways to Connect 

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Vancouver Psychic Medium


Experience the beauty and healing power of mediumship . A mediumship reading is a way to connect with your loved ones who have passed away. In a private reading, I will tap into the spirit world and provide you with accurate and specific information that helps identify the spirit person and their relationship to you.


During the reading, you can expect various types of evidence, such as their manner of passing, family connections, hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes, physical description, and more. Mediumship is a healing experience for both you and those in the world of spirit, as it allows you to feel the continued presence of your loved ones and reinforces the eternal love that exists between you.


Through mediumship, your departed loved ones can also communicate messages they may not have expressed while alive. They can offer insights into their current existence in the spirit realm and demonstrate their awareness of your life, providing comfort and reassurance that they are still with you.


Discover the profound healing power of mediumship and the enduring connection with your departed loved ones.



Uncover Answers and Embrace Guidance: Empowering Your Journey


In this transformative session, we'll start by discussing your goals and what you hope to gain. Then, I'll tune into your soul's energy through the auric field, delving into your past and present to identify any areas or blockages causing disruption. I'll also reveal your soul potentials and purpose.


This reading offers valuable insight, clarity, and guidance for the areas of your life that matter most. You'll receive empowering information that enables you to confidently choose the best path for your future.


Please note that this reading doesn't include predictions, but rather potential outcomes based on the current energy during your session. I believe that the future is shaped by the choices we make today.


If you're ready to discover answers and invite guidance into your personal journey, you've come to the right place. With clear, accurate, and specific guidance, you'll manifest the life you truly deserve.


It's time to embrace your power and make decisions with unwavering confidence.

Intuitive Card Reading

Unlocking Insights and Empowering Choices: Discover Your Path


This reading holds immense power, offering valuable insight, clarity, and guidance for the areas of your life that hold significance.


The cards serve as keys, unlocking information about your past, present, and potential future. Through the cards' wisdom, you will gain awareness of things previously unknown, allowing for clarity in understanding your life's situations. With this newfound clarity, you will be empowered to make choices that align with your true self, both in the present and for your future.


Whether it's relationships, career, family matters, finances, or any other area of life, this reading equips you with the answers, clarity, and guidance you seek.


Please note that this reading does not involve predictions. Instead, it provides you with the tools to navigate your own path.


Remember, the choices you make after the reading serve as your compass, shaping your future.

Hybrid Reading

Immerse yourself in a transformative session that combines Intuitive Card Readings and Mediumship. Gain profound insights into love, family, career, finance, and health. Rediscover alignment with your true essence, tap into your core existence, and uncover your life's purpose. Break through barriers for personal growth and receive a blueprint for success. Experience healing, hope, and closure with departed loved ones while witnessing undeniable proof of their ongoing presence. Prepare to receive honest and authentic messages that will leave a lasting impact.


Highlights from these sessions:


  • Profound insights into love, family, career, finance, and health.

  • Clarity in discovering life's purpose.

  • Overcoming barriers for personal growth.

  • Healing, hope, and closure with departed loved ones.

  • Undeniable proof of their ongoing presence.

  • Accurate and specific messages

Group Readings/Corporate Events

Group readings in the comfort of your home -  a truly intimate and heartwarming experience—an occasion to come together and receive meaningful messages from your beloved spirits who have crossed over.

With great care, Courtney will journey to your chosen venue within the lower mainland, creating a sacred space where the connection between realms can flourish. Within the span of 90 minutes, she will devote herself to channeling as many messages as the Spirit World permits.

The nature of the gathering is beautifully simple:

- There's no minimum requirement for the number of guests, ensuring a cozy and personal atmosphere.
- For optimal attention and connection, we cap the gathering at 10 attendees.
- The all-inclusive flat rate of $555 encompasses not only the transformative experience but also the transportation to your chosen location(within the lower-mainland. For events outside this vacinity, please contact (Location to be confirmed with office before deposit to be sent).

It's important to note that the number of spirit communicators connecting with each individual is something beyond our control. The Spirit World orchestrates these encounters in a manner that is meaningful and purposeful for each participant.

Should you envision a larger gathering, one that exceeds our current cap, kindly reach out to Courtney at

She will be more than happy to discuss suitable arrangements to accommodate your desired event.

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