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  1. For online readings arrive 2-3 minutes before your reading so we can go over the Reading Tips & Information.

  2. Your reading will start at the scheduled time and the last 5 minutes will be to answer any questions that you may have.

  3. I cannot go over your appointment time to answer further questions or to get more information from spirit for you. A) I often have clients scheduled after you, so out of respect for them, I do have to honor the time they’ve booked with me. B) As a medium, I have to preserve my energy as readings can take a toll on the physical body.​

  4. Take a long deep breath & let it go slowly. Allow your mind and body to relax prior to your reading. Please come in to your reading with a positive attitude as this helps build the energy between you and your loved ones on the other side. Please discuss with me any concerns or apprehensions BEFORE you come to the reading.

  5. Come to your reading without any expectations.Have an open mind, and look forward to an enlightening experience.

  6. Your energy also plays a HUGE part in the reading. Think of it like an umbrella. When you're relaxed, and have no expectations, the umbrella is open. This adds to the energy which helps those on the other side. When you're anxious, not open to the experience, stressed out, or so focused on one or two specific spirits to come through, the umbrella closes. 

  7. If you are looking to connect with one specific individual in the spirit world, I CANNOT guarantee that they will come through in a reading. So again, this is where expectations play a big part in your reading.  As a medium, I cannot “call people” to come and talk. To understand this better, think of the process of mediumship like two telephones. The telephone in the spirit world has a dial, and the telephone here in the physical world is only a receiver, without any dial. I can only receive the communication that the spirit world is willing to send at that given time. No medium can make that guarantee, and be aware of those that say otherwise.

  8. Please have patience during a reading. I know that you are eager to connect with your loved ones, but sometimes others from spirit will come through first, (even pets) before the person you are looking to communicate with. Allow those other spirits the time to connect with you as well. They may have a message for another family member or neighbor or coworker that can be very healing to the person you relay the message to.

  9. Some spirit's that come through, this may be their first time communicating. Just like on the earth plane, some people are better at speaking and expressing themselves than others. Sometimes the messages come through smoothly, while other times it takes a great deal of effort to get the information from the spirit. It is an effort for the spirit to communicate, and their effort need to be acknowledged and respected.

  10. In order to preserve the integrity of your reading, when I provide you evidence, please answer ONLY yes or no, or, I understand or I don't understand.*****Do not volunteer any other information regarding loved ones passed. It’s better that they provide you with that validation during the reading. *****

  11. Please take notes during a reading & save any questions you have for the last 5 minutes of your reading. Stopping to answer questions, breaks the link and interrupts the energy. You may find that your questions get answered within a few minutes after I share more information.

  12. There may be information presented during a reading that you are not aware of, or things you cannot remember at the time of a reading. Don’t get hung up on things you don’t understand or know of. I have received emails and phone calls weeks to months after a reading from clients who have validated information given after the reading has taken place.

  13. If you tell spirit to bring through a "key" word or phrase during the reading, that does not guarantee that they will bring that through. When you do this you are creating an expectation and are limiting how the spirit world can communicate with you. 

  14. On the rare occasion that Spirit does not open to communicate, Courtney reserves the right to end the session at any time at no cost to you.

  15. Most importantly, open your mind and heart to the love and healing from those loved ones in Spirit.

© Medium Courtney Dawson
© Medium Courtney Dawson
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Must be 18 years+

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© Medium Courtney Dawson