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© Medium Courtney Dawson

Hey there, beautiful soul! I'm thrilled to connect with you for our online reading.

As we prepare for this special experience, I invite you to join a few minutes early. This way, we can go over some helpful Reading Tips & Information together. Find a quiet space where you can be undisturbed and free from interruptions. And oh, don't forget to ensure your device (phone, tablet, or computer) is propped up securely for a smooth connection.

Now, I want you to know that during our reading, I won't be able to extend the appointment time to answer additional questions or gather more information from the spirit realm. I have other amazing souls scheduled after you, and it's essential to honour the time they've reserved with me. Plus, as a medium, I must take care of my energy as readings can be quite an intense journey for the physical body.

Before we begin, we'll take a moment to breathe deeply and release any tension and allow your mind and body to relax, setting the stage for an extraordinary experience with the world of spirit. Coming into the reading with a positive attitude will create a beautiful energetic bond between you and your loved ones on the other side. And if you have any concerns or apprehensions, please feel free to share them with me beforehand. Your comfort is a top priority.

As we venture into this spiritual realm together, I encourage you to arrive to your reading WITHOUT specific expectations. By having expectations you limit how the spirit world can convey their information to you. The spirit world already knows what they want to share with you BEFORE the reading starts.


As a medium, I have no control over what they share or don't share. and  Embrace the experience with an open mind, and you'll be amazed by the incredible moments that unfold.

Remember, you are more than welcome to bring a memento or any significant item that connects you to your loved one. These precious tokens can add an extra touch of love and meaning to our session.

Now, here's a fascinating analogy for you: Think of the energy between us as an open umbrella. When you relax and let go of expectations, that umbrella opens wide, magnifying the energy and allowing greater communication from the other side. But when you feel anxious or too fixated on particular spirits, it's like the umbrella closes slightly, limiting the flow of energy. So let's keep that umbrella wide open and let the magic happen!

While I deeply understand your desire to connect with one specific individual in the spirit world, I must emphasize that I cannot guarantee a specific spirit will come through during the reading. The spirit world operates on its own terms, and like two telephones, I can only receive the communication they choose to send at a given moment. So let's embrace the mystery and trust that the perfect messages will find their way to you.

During our time together, please practice patience and an open heart. Sometimes, other spirits might come through first—yes, even pets—before the one you're seeking to connect with. Trust that every message carries its unique healing essence and can be profoundly meaningful to those who receive it.

Keep in mind that not all spirits are equally experienced in communicating. Just like in our physical world, some are more talkative than others. Sometimes the messages flow effortlessly, while at other times, it may take a little more effort to relay the information. Let's honour their effort and appreciate each moment of connection.

To preserve the authenticity of our reading, when I provide you with evidence, a simple response like yes, no, I understand, or I don't understand will be perfect. It's best not to offer any additional information about your departed loved ones, as they may choose to provide validation directly during the reading.

During our time together, feel free to take notes, and if you have any questions, save them for the last 5 minutes. This allows us to maintain a beautiful flow of energy without interruption. You might be surprised to find that many of your questions get answered organically as we delve deeper into the reading.

At times, the information presented may be unfamiliar to you or something you cannot recall at the moment. Don't worry, though! It's okay to not understand everything right away. I've had clients reaching out weeks or even months after a reading, validating the information that came through. The spirit world has its mysterious ways of revealing things to us.

Now, a gentle reminder: If you ask the spirit to bring through a specific "key" word or phrase, it doesn't guarantee that they will deliver it. This may set expectations and limit the beautiful ways the spirit world can communicate with you. So let's keep it open, trusting that the messages will unfold naturally.

In the rare instance that the spirit doesn't open up for communication, please know that I will end the session without any charge to you. Your experience and connection are precious to me.

Above all, my friend, open your heart and mind to the profound love and healing from your cherished ones in Spirit. They are eager to share their wisdom and presence with you.

Important Information:

  • For billing purposes, the charge on your credit card statement will appear as "Soul To Soul Coaching," the legal business entity operating as Medium Courtney Dawson.

  • Your Zoom link for our session can be found in the original booking confirmation. When the time comes, simply click on "Video Conference: Open Session Link" to join me for our meaningful encounter.

  • Within the first 10 minutes of your reading if you are dissatisified with your reading OR I am unable to connect with the spirit world, you will be refunded. 

  • Refunds are not eligible after 10 minutes have passed in your reading.

© Medium Courtney Dawson
© Medium Courtney Dawson

Vancouver Psychic Medium

Psychic or Card Reading

Before we begin, I invite you to set the stage for an optimal experience:

1. Arrive 2-3 minutes before your scheduled reading time to ensure we can start promptly.
2. Find a peaceful and uninterrupted space to fully immerse yourself in the session.
3. Ensure your device - whether it's a phone, tablet, or computer - is securely propped up for smooth interaction.

Throughout the session, I will be fully present and dedicated to serving you. The reading will begin at the agreed-upon time, and in the last 5 minutes, I'll be delighted to address any questions you may have.

Please understand that while I'm committed to providing the best experience possible, I must honour the time reserved for other clients. If we don't have additional time after your appointment, I trust that the information provided during our session will be enriching and valuable.

For our psychic or card reading session, I invite you to bring a list of 2-3 specific areas of your life where you seek clarity or guidance. This focused approach will enable us to delve deeper into these aspects and uncover the insights you're seeking.

Now, let's embark on this beautiful journey together, opening the door to higher guidance and love. May this reading bring you clarity, comfort, and the connection you are seeking.

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