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psychic medium courtney dawson vancouver


© Medium Courtney Dawson

"Love is what enables mediumship to unfold and
love is what keeps our souls forever bonded."

Mediumship readings are a beautiful way to connect to your loved ones on the other side .


A Private Reading with Courtney is a three-way process involving Spirit, the medium and the client. Courtney acts as the ‘middleman’ between you, here in the physical world, and the Spirit World. Validation is the most important aspect of spirit communication.

Spirit communication is a very natural thing , so for those that have never had a reading before, there's no need to be nervous or worry.

All you need to do is come with an open heart and, mind.

The spirit people are at a higher vibration so I work on raising mine while they work on lowering theirs. This is how the two worlds meet. 

I am an evidential spiritual medium, so my focus is to work with the spirit world to bring through " evidence " that proves the continuous existence of the soul. 


Evidence can come through as physical characteristics, personality, names, ages,where the individual lived, what they did for work, if they were married or had children, physical ailments and, reason for their passing.

Sometimes one person will be connecting at the time of the reading, and sometimes many people from spirit will connect with you during the reading. My intention as an evidential medium is to work with those in the spirit world, asking for as much validation as possible so that it will leave no doubt in your mind that your loved one, or loved ones, have communicated with you from the spirit world.

My objective as a medium is to be a channel of healing for those on the physical plane , and those in the spirit world. 

My heart is full of love, humility, and gratitude for the opportunity to be of service.



© Medium Courtney Dawson

Vancouver Psychic Medium

Readings are available for 1 to 3 people.
For larger groups contact Courtney

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