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Intuitive Card Reading

© Medium Courtney Dawson

Intuitive Card Readings are a safe, positive and enlightening way to gain insight regarding your career, relationships ,finances , and your everyday life.

Oracle cards are an amazing tool of self-awareness, healing and guidance.

An Intuitive Card session with me is fun and relaxed,  just like you're talking to a close friend.

I'm an intuitive reader which means when I'm shuffling the cards, I connect with your energetic field ( aura ) , ask Spirit to draw close, and tune into current energy.

The reading will include possible life lessons that have been taught, but have yet to be learned, the present energy in play and the possible outcome. 

I DO NOT predict the future !

As individuals we each have free will. You make the choice with what you want to do with the information gained from your reading


My Intuitive Card sessions are aimed towards those who are ready to step into their power and choose a more awakened and aligned outcome for themselves.

Let me help make a difference in your life!

© Medium Courtney Dawson

 A private reading is intended for one individual. 

Vancouver Psychic Medium

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