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Hybrid Readings

© Medium Courtney Dawson

Vancouver Psychic Medium

Hybrid readings are a combination of Intuitive Guidance using Oracle Cards + Mediumship. 
During this session you can expect the following :

~ Answers regarding love, family, career, finance and health.
~ Peace & Ease , empowering you to make your best choices.
~ Realignment with your soul.
~ Insight into your life's purpose
~ Overcome blocks that hold you back
~ Provide next steps to needed toward success
~ Receive, healing, hope and closure from your loved one in spirit.
~ Evidence that they are seeing your life now.
~ Hear the messages in an honest and genuine manner.
~ Feel their personality as Courtney blends with them.
~ Tools to connect with your loved one.

For those that can't decide between an Intuitive Reading or Mediumship, get a bit of both when you book this Hybrid Reading.


 A private reading is intended for one individual. 

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