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I don't believe in coincidences & believe the spirit world guided you here. I look forward to connecting with you & being a part of your journey.

psychic medium courtney dawson sharing what her back ground is
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Meet Courtney 

Courtney is a genuinely friendly and upbeat evidential medium who's honed her incredible skills through intensive training at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England.

She's not just skilled; she's passionate about what she does. She has trained with the world's top tutors including Eileen Davies & Tony Stockwell.

But she doesn't stop there. Courtney has also earned certifications in Spiritual Life Coaching and achieved mastery in Usui Reiki Level 2.

Working with clients from all around the world, Courtney's warm and inviting energy, combined with her strong connection to the spirit realm, make her a sought-after go-to for spirit messages and spiritual guidance.

But here's the best part: Courtney's ultimate mission is simple yet heartwarming. She's here to provide her clients with spot-on guidance and heart-centered messages, offering unwavering support and understanding.

Not only does she help individuals in private sessions, but she's also shared her wisdom on various podcasts, making the world of spirituality accessible and relatable to everyone.

And if that's not enough, Courtney is the  host of "The Connected Spirit Podcast," where she offers unfiltered, honest, and transparent conversations about the world of mediumship and spirituality. No sugar-coating, just unvarnished truth and insight.

Check Out My Current Services

mediumship readings with courtney dawson

Mediumship Readings

Connect to your loved ones in spirit and hear the messages of love they have for you.

psychic and tarot readings vancouver b.c. with medium courtney dawson

Psychic Readings

Gain clarity and insight regarding your life journey. Feel empowered by the guidance you receive.

intuition development with courtney dawson


Training is available through The Connected Spirit School. Receive grounded, practical and ethical guidance.

psychic medium courtney dawson online events

Online Events

Check out Courtney's latest events including intuitive  and mediumship training classes.

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