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Card Readings


Card readings are a great way to get clear divine guidance about your present life. As well as identify any blockages in your way, and provide you information on how to breakthrough any road blocks and inspire you to live an inspired life.

Intuitive Card Readings

© Medium Courtney Dawson

Intuitive Guidance


An empowering session involving guiding you to clarity & solutions to your challenges and/or concerns on love, relationships, health, life

purpose, and more. You will get uplifting, encouraging divine messages filled with Love and hope to help you achieve the desires of your heart with real solutions.

Intuitive Guidance

© Medium Courtney Dawson

Mediumship Readings

© Medium Courtney Dawson

Mediumship readings are a beautiful way to connect to

your loved ones in spirit.

Let spirit prove that life continues after the change called death. Allow their messages of encouragement, hope and love bring the healing you need.

Soul Coaching

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This offering is for those who want to:


  • Feel happier and more at ease, no matter what’s happening around you.

  • Receive powerful assistance from Spirit in all areas of your life.

  • Create work that nourishes your Soul.

  • Turn pain into power 

  • Break free of doubts, fears, bad habits, procrastination, and energy drains.

  • Stop settling for less

  • Discover what you're destined to do with your life.

  • Get unstuck and embrace change.

Intuitive Guidance

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